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     This is the 21st century, and Let’s all agree; the world is in a constant flux state. Modern trends are fast taking over in every aspect of living, and Home décor is no exception. Gone are the days when a gigantic wall unit accentuated every living room, fully fitted with cabinets the size of an elephant. It generously served as a shopping mall because it was a one-stop-shop for everything needed in a house. The reputable” vyombo vya wageni,” not to mention the vast array of Calpol, seven seas, and other paraphernalia our mothers used to keep for medical emergencies. They also served as the storage area for household shopping, drawers for our books and toys, tools. You could never run out of things to store in that thing. Did I mention hide and seek hideouts? A Greatwall black and white TV was the icing on the cake.

Thankfully, modern living has saved us the agony of having those horrid sets in our houses (sorry, mom), leaving us precious space to play around. Almost every home now has a big black rectangle, and we’re here to show you how else you can show it off with a bit more class and style.

1.Use a long and narrow piece.

We dig the idea of contemporary TV stands that are long and elongated. Not only does it ensure that your TV is placed at a comfortable height, but it also leaves most of the accent wall open, leaving you enough space to show off that sleek wallpaper, exposed brick cladding, etc. You can also add other wall accessories like candles or photo frames.

2. Light it up & Color your world.

There are no rules when it comes to getting creative with your TV stand. Two colors look nice, but three is the bomb! Use dull hues with a colorful accent wall or contrasting door colors to create an exciting finish. Installing backlighting or LED strip lights around your TV stand gives it an elevated illusion and gives it an edge. It can also be used as indirect lighting for your movie nights. Cool!

3.Hide it away!

We don’t need to see your wide array of favorite CDs. Use multiple shaped units to create different designs and storage space for everything not meant for our eyes, Fun fact: you can always rearrange them to get different styles to kill the monotony.

4. Finishing

For that extra mile, opt for a rustic feel, metallic stand, or smooth feel wood. Then contrast between matt and gloss finishes to add interest to a singular piece. Play around with abstract paint finishes, have mirrors or art panels on the stand doors, and add a finished detail. We do not forget the stand can be either wall-mounted or free-standing.


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